Golf Made Simple for Kids bookBook details:

  • A5 Book (High Quality Paperback)
  • 64 Pages
  • Written by two PGA Golf Professional with 40 years experience
  • Illustrated by Johanna Patterson
  • Costs: Printed Version, English- £9.99


– Golf through picture and rhyme, a British innovation and world first

To teach a child how to play golf requires a different approach than when teaching an adult. First and foremost it has to be fun or you will lose their interest. Secondly it must challenge their skill and stimulate their mind with suitable games. Our book not only teaches the child the golf skills through its unique picture and rhyme format, we have also incorporated at the end of each chapter a number of extremely fun games to challenge and test their newly developed golf skills. We have made golf fun!!

We do not use technical terms because children respond better to visual cues and words they understand. This is where our world first rhyme and picture concept makes our book stand out from the crowd. Aimed at children aged from 5 years to 12 years old, our book will suit a wide audience and is the perfect children play to learn golf book.

If you are teaching your child to play our book will be the ideal source of information to help your child learn the game and have great fun at the same time.

Golf Made Simple for Kids

A tip from Golf Made Simple: be sure not to overload a child with too much information during a session, focus on one or two key things. Most important, be encouraging when they struggle and enthusiastic when they succeed.

Items you will need to play the game and learn from our golf book: correctly sized junior golf equipment including clubs and balls, a golf course or practice facility.

Golf made simple coaches Phil and Steve
Golf made simple coaches Phil and Steve

The Authors: Steve Furlonger Philip Swinard

Steve & Phil met during a coaching course in 2008 and immediately they clicked. A simplistic approach to coaching was mutual and it wasn’t long before they formed Golf Made Simple and started writing their first book and various coaching programs. Since then Steve and Phil have worked on numerous projects with local councils and their home counties (Surrey & Sussex). Their current portfolio of students ranges from junior to senior, complete beginner to county level.

Happy golfing & enjoy Golf Made Simple Online!



PGA masters professional and Sky Sports pundit Denis Pugh says: “a very good way to introduce kids to golf, easy and simple.” Click here.