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  • A5 Book (High Quality Paperback)
  • 64 Pages
  • Written  by two PGA Golf Professional with 40 years experience
  • Illustrated  by Johanna Patterson
  • Costs: Printed Version, English-  £9.99


– Golf through picture and rhyme, a British innovation and world first.

To teach a child how to play golf requires a different approach than when teaching an adult. First and foremost it has to be fun or you will lose their interest. Secondly it must challenge their skill and stimulate their mind with suitable games. Our book not only teaches the child the golf skills through its unique picture and rhyme concept, we have also incorporated at the end of each chapter a number of extremely fun games to challenge and test their newly developed golf skills.

We do not use technical terms because children respond better to visual cues and words they understand. This is where our world first rhyme and picture concept makes our book stand out from the crowd. Aimed at children aged from 5 years to 12 years old (UK key stage 1 & 2), our book will suit a wide audience and is the perfect children play to learn golf book.

If you are teaching your child to play our book will be the ideal source of information to help your child learn the game and have great fun at the same time.

A tip from Golf Made Simple: be sure not to overload a child with too much information during a session, focus on one or two key things. Most important, be encouraging when they struggle and enthusiastic when they succeed.

Items you will need to play the game and learn from our golf book: correctly sized junior golf equipment including clubs and balls, a golf course or practice facility.

The book, 4 years in the making- William’s Journey

As featured in various golf publications, story by Adrian Milledge:

The success two Surrey golf coaches have had in boosting an autistic teenager’s confidence and communication skills as a result of him taking up the game, has inspired a new children’s book.

The paperback book, Golf Made Simple For Kids Book 1 has been written by Steve Furlonger, a class A PGA professional and Phil Swinard, a Sports Coach UK professional who is also a qualified golf psychologist.

Aimed at 5 to 12-year-olds, every page features a hand-drawn illustration accompanied by a rhyme that complements the image.

“The object is to get the reader to visualize and remember what we’re trying to get across,” explains Furlonger, head PGA coach and manager at Redhill Golf Centre.

“What is very unique about the book is that each golf tip is translated into a fun and catchy rhyme to remember which helps the child learn quickly and repeat the position or motion. We started using the rhymes 4 years ago at the academy with all the children and they still remember them now!”

Furlonger and Swinard have coached thousands of youngsters over the last 10 years but the positive affect they have had on 13-year-old William Cliff’s life inspired them to become authors.

According to William’s mother, Anna Cliff, 47, of Redhill, Surrey, her son was shy and withdrawn before starting golf lessons at Steve Furlonger’s Golf Made Simple Junior Academy, based at the Redhill Golf Centre in Surrey.

Now, according to Anna, the former Brambletye School pupil is more sociable, friendly and approachable, thanks to the dedication and patience shown by Steve and Phil.

“One day, Steve came along and gave some of the children at school a golf lesson and William enjoyed it so much that we joined the academy,” recalls Anna, a school special needs assistant and school meals supervisor.

“I didn’t notice much of a change in William at first but over time, he has become more sociable and approachable and isn’t so shy.”

“Before having lessons every Sunday, William used to be easily distracted but golf has really helped to keep his attention and enabled him to focus better.”

William, a Queen’s Park Rangers fan who wants to be a train driver when he’s older, suffers from mild autism and has learning difficulties, which can affect his confidence and ability to interact with others.

But Anna says that due to Steve and Phil’s unique approach, William has blossomed and now is “so chatty he doesn’t shut up!”

She added: “Steve and Phil are brilliant and so patient. They just have a way of working with children and have really helped to engage William – he just connected with them.”

“William enjoys his lessons and has made friends – he’s always happy now. After each lesson, he’s always buzzing and full of it when he comes home. He’s always telling us how to hold a club!”

But William’s love of the sport doesn’t stop at lessons. Anna says that when he’s not on the range, the sports-mad youngster is either watching golf on TV – his favourite player is recent Open champion Rory McIlroy – or practising his swing on The Wii.

Rather than view William’s autism and learning difficulties as a problem, Phil and Steve initially decided to teach him on a one-to-one basis – free of cost to Anna – to avoid putting him under pressure in a group situation with strangers.

“This first session proved to be invaluable,” explains Steve, who is head of coaching at the golf centre.

“In order to help build William’s confidence, I suggested that he arrive 30 minutes before the official start time at the academy to have a one-to-one coaching session with Phil at no extra cost to prepare him for what the others would be asked to do in the main group session before he joined in.”

“When the group arrived, I was then able to pair William with a suitable partner instead of putting him in a larger group.”

“After six weeks, Anna told us that William was communicating a little better at home and at school and his concentration had improved slightly.”

“After completing his assessment, which William passed with flying colours, he signed up for a second term and this time we put him in the main group. We were really impressed with the excellent progress he made and with his ever-improving focus and concentration.”

“Interestingly, William’s hand-eye coordination and golf ball striking also improved, as did his interaction with the other kids.”

“We were thrilled when Anna reported that William’s teachers had commented on his improvement in both behaviour and performance.”

“At the start of the next term, we were impressed to see William standing tall and confident – still a little shy but smiling, with a sparkle in his eye and even holding out his hand to greet us.”

“He continued to progress, showing intelligence, asking good questions and interacting more comfortably with everyone he came into contact with.”

“We also noticed that the attitude and behaviour of the other students towards William was positively changing and for the first time they witnessed him laughing.”

“William is now a different person – his coordination, cognition and social capacities have all improved beyond recognition – not to mention he is now in the top half of his class at school.”

“Our experiences with William underline that golf is not just a sport. It is a key life skill building activity. Golf’s unpredictable and challenging aspects require focus, discipline, concentration and self control. It also provides suitable occasion to meet golfers of varying age and standard to stimulate the development of essential social skills.”

“For William, golf provided him with an opportunity to find out who he really is while he has given Phil and me the inspiration to produce the world’s first learn by picture and rhyme children’s golf book.”